Una rarità moderna: The Beat Generation Cook Book

Oggi vi presentiamo una vera rarità bibliografica di cui siamo orgogliosi di possedere un esemplare… L’unico libro di cucina Beat, curato da Carl Larsen e, off the record, dal grande Charles Bukowski…
Larsen Carl
The Beat Generation Cook Book. Illustrated
New York, 7 Poet Press, 1961
(230×150 mm). Pagine [18]. Illustrazioni in nero nel testo. Brossura editoriale illustrata a colori.
Prima, unica e rarissima edizione di questo pamphlet semiserio sulla cucina Beat. L’opera, curata da Larsen e Bukowski ed illustrata da Christian, propone 26 ricette in pieno stile On the Road: “Most of the recipes are inexpensive (who has bread for steaks?), quick to prepare, and a gas to gobble. Compiled over a period of three years spent On The Road and two years Up The Creek, here are the favorite dishes of real, honest-to-Zen members of the Brotherhood. A Loft is not a Pad without a Beat Generation Cook Book – Eat Beat! It’s the way out, Man”.

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Beatnik dal titolo al contenuto! Qualche esempio?
Il Kerouac Kocktail, perfetto per le dipendenze:
“This one was named for the one who started the whole rat race. Or non-rat unrace, depending on your politics. It was cooked up by Komo Mayamo, a notorious South Bay beach rat, on his way off a Benny Binge. If you are supporting a monkey and still have to eat occasionally, Komo claimed this was the cheapest possible minimum diet you could come by”… Ricetta sotto!

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O ancora lo Haiku Hash: “If you have a yen for Zen, but aren’t Kabuki-Kookie”; il Dharma Buns se “Your ectoplastic ego has a knead for contemplation, experience, and meditation”:

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e le On The Road Apples “a perversion of an old Danish breakfast food”…

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